Dear Friends:

It’s a time for Thanksgiving across the nation.  We, at FairWinds Advisors, Kiwanis Club and the America China Society of Indiana (ACSI), are thankful for many things.  ACSI is thankful for our ability to help others even though our organization is less than a year old.  We are thankful to our membership for their participation and support.  We are also very thankful for our many partners.  We would like to take this opportunity to highlight one recent way that we are helping to support a reach by local students into China.

Recently, ACSI received a request from Leah Ross at Arlington High School’s New Tech Program.  Arlington High School is part of the Indianapolis Public School system and has a very tight budget.  Mrs. Ross is a very dedicated teacher who will be escorting a group of students to China in the spring of 2012.  The students are currently trying to raise funds as they will receive no school funds to assist this trip.

Instead of simply giving over funds to support the trip, ACSI created an essay contest.  The students wrote an essay that addressed how China connected to their future educational plans.  They also came to an ACSI event on November 17 and gave a short presentation on their school and upcoming trip.  It was nice that they considered the purpose of the America China Society in both their essay and their presentation.  They did a wonderful job.

ACSI Chairman and founder, Albert Chen, said, “The society is happy to be able to help these students fulfill their needs for this opportunity of a lifetime. ACSI is committed to aiding and assisting educational causes.”

Ninth grade Kahleal Willis won First Place, Junior Diamonique Brookins won Second Place and Joey Townsend won Honorable Mention.  ACSI donated the prize of $250 to the winner, $100 to Second Place, and $50 for the Honorable Mention, with another $50 donated to the trip’s General Fund.  We would like to thank the Kiwanis Business Circle of the Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis for their partnership and their complete match of the funds won by the New Tech High students.  The total amount of money granted at the event was $900.

Steve Fero of the Kiwanis Business Circle of the Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis stated, “Kiwanis is proud to partner with the America China Society of Indiana to help Arlington New Tech High School students prepare for their trip to China through this essay contest.  The Kiwanis Business Circle members recognize the great potential for these students to realize both their role and Indiana’s role in a global economy through this trip.”

The students, through various activities such as cookie sales and simple office work, are working towards raising $3,000 each in order to go on the China trip.  We believe that this trip will open their eyes to many opportunities not previously known or considered.  We know that it will encourage students to continue their education through high school and hopefully beyond to a college career.

Currently seven students have decided that birthdays and Christmas dollars will all go towards helping them on their way to China.  If you would like to employ one of these hard-working students or perhaps support their efforts through sponsorship, please contact Leah Ross or 317-693-5334 for further information.  The students have collectively decided to help one another’s efforts and would be happy to complete a team presentation upon their return.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!