WARSAW — A groundbreaking ceremony for Orthopediatrics’ expansion was held today, Aug. 16.

Orthopediatrics, located at 2850 Frontier Drive, Warsaw, is expanding its existing warehouse while also creating additional office, education and training spaces.

“We’ve been seeing consistent growth,” said Mallory Trusty, director of human resources at Orthopediatrics. “This will be a multi-phase project where we’ll be ramping up new developments.”

Trusty estimates that the expansion will be complete by spring 2019.

“Our physical space is reflective of who we are as a company,” said Trusty. “We’re pleased by the growth of Orthopediatrics and are glad to continue doing what we love — helping kids.”

During the groundbreaking, President and CEO Mark Throdahl said the company has grown immensely. In 2010, the company had approximately 20 employees. Now, the company employs 55 people.

“At this current level of growth, we believe this will only continue,” said Throdahl. “And thank you all for making this possible.”

Phase one of the expansion will focus on building a new warehouse for the company’s products. Phase two will focus on renovating the current facility.

“Overall, we’re really excited that we’ve outgrown our facility,” said Executive Vice President Greg Odle. “It’ll be great to expand our warehouse, while also giving our employees more office space.”

Orthopediatrics was founded in 2006, making orthopedic implants for children. Currently, the company has 25 surgical systems for trauma and bone deformities.