Congratulations! Your growing business has secured exciting incentives that will help propel continued growth into the future.

Now what?

Unfortunately, many companies can have difficulties receiving the full benefits of their incentives. Negotiations alone are not a guarantee of incentives — compliance reports will still need to be submitted and need to meet the agreed-upon requirements set forth by state or local authorities.

When you work with FairWinds Advisors, your business receives a partner that will be by your side for the length of the incentives’ terms — which can be up to 20 years. We’ll assist with ongoing compliance advice, reviews, filings and reminders that keep you up to date with any new forms, policies and other changes over time. We preserve copies of all the important documents and can quickly bring new personnel up to speed on the scope and details of your incentives.

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“The State of Indiana is a great place to base and grow a business. Understanding all the incentives the state has to offer, how to take advantage of them, how to stay compliant and more is all made easy by Jenny and the Fairwinds team. We are thankful for their partnership, assistance and genuine care they have to make our business succeed.”

Matt Weirich
Co-Founder & CEO, Realync