Making the company expansion plan and thinking about incentives was a daunting task. We didn’t know where to begin or what questions to ask, and as business owners, our time is always tight. FairWinds did everything – with almost no time or effort from us!

Fadi J. Abdallah, CEO
Mitsch Design

Working with Jenny was a pleasure. She made what I thought would be a daunting process easy and quick! Exactly the partner a busy entrepreneur is looking for in the fast-paced world in which we do business.

Jeryl Mitsch, Principal

The best part was that I could completely trust their team to represent our company. Even better is that they are well-connected with many other companies and we’ve seen some very nice referrals.

Daniel Abdallah, CTO

Lessonly is stronger because of our partnership with FairWinds. Their service is excellent.

Max Yoder, CEO

With part of our team in California and part in Indiana, FairWinds was able to simplify and streamline the project process – even with a tight time-frame. Their team was knowledgeable, experienced and had obviously prepared for our discussions in advance. The incentives negotiated will help FatStax to be more competitive in a seriously competitive tech industry. We would definitely recommend FairWinds if you are a growing company!

Rusty Bishop, CEO

FairWinds Advisors operates with ease and simplicity; if you have questions, they have answers and experience. Call them; the ROI is seriously worth it. The FairWinds team has years of experience in helping companies realize the opportunity for underutilized benefits that are available to young or matured companies at the local, state and national level. They certainly helped us!

Chase Crafton, COO
the etica group

Working with FairWinds has been a great experience. Jenny’s vast knowledge and understanding of client needs makes the process painless and quick. We couldn’t be happier with the service, interaction and outcome of working with FairWinds.

Jessica Nickloy, CEO

Fairwinds truly acted as our ambassador with the state and worked with us to maximize our incentives and optimize our growth plans. They genuinely got to know us and our expansion needs and worked hard on our behalf. They are an absolute delight with whom to partner!

Mike Reynolds, CEO
the etica group

Working with FairWinds has been a great experience. Jenny’s vast knowledge and understanding of client needs makes the process painless and quick. We couldn’t be happier with the service, interaction and outcome of working with FairWinds.

Sheena Lee, Operations Manager
Site Strategics

FairWinds was referred to me by a colleague and I will be referring them to others. Jenny guided us along this unfamiliar journey with expertise. I applaud her business model as well as the results she achieved for Site Strategics.

Erin Sparks, President

Jenny and FairWinds Advisors took the guess work out of applying for and obtaining incentives. They took a seemingly endless, daunting process and transformed it into a 30 minute meeting that in two weeks secured grants and credits that exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend working with FairWinds Advisors, they are great at getting companies money!

Vipin Adhlakha, COO

FairWinds Advisors and Jenny Massey has become part of how we at EAANE, Inc. think to deliver our services to our future clients in marketing and technology space. FairWinds is action-oriented, informative and helpful always explaining their services, strategy and processes (time is not a barrier as they are one dial tone away – and they answer!). Thank you very much for helping us start we hope to utilize your services as we grow many in number and volume as a company.

Pratik Parikh, CEO

Working with Jenny and FairWinds Advisors has made it easy to apply for training grants and tax credits. Jenny has done a great job of explaining the process, answering our questions, and advising us on the proper way to complete forms. With Jenny’s guidance, we’ve been able to find new ways to maximize the incentives available to our growing company

Genesis Plastics Welding

FairWinds Advisors was a key advisory partner in assisting Genesis Plastics Welding with our 2012 manufacturing facility expansion. They took the time to listen to us and gather background facts in regards to our history, where we had been and where we were headed. Having a full understanding of our goals allowed FairWinds to assist us in mapping out the best way to accomplish the tasks at hand to guide us on the path to continued growth. Their advice was practical, unbiased and timely. Jay and Jenny were always only a phone call away to assist with any questions that came up. They have continued to follow our progress and are often one of the firsts to congratulate us on new milestones reached! FairWinds is a creative, focused and resourceful firm, and I highly recommend their services.

Tom Ryder, President & CEO

FairWinds has supported us with strategy and incentives negotiation for several projects and we have appreciated their straightforward advice and expertise along with their continued compliance maintenance. They make great partners- not just for now, but for years to come!

Chris Brown, COO

Fairwinds Advisors was instrumental in locating our facility and negotiating incentives on our behalf. The two most significant improvements that resulted from working with FairWinds were detailed facility investigation and analysis and negotiation of state and local incentives. Jay and Jenny are very dedicated and knowledgeable people in the real estate and incentive marketplace. Easy people to work with and very accessible.

Fairwinds represented us as if they were part of our Company.

Andy Juang, CEO

The Fairwinds team enabled Glassboard to open doors we wouldn’t have been able to open on our own. Their team made a complex and time consuming process attainable for a small company limited on time and resources. Fairwinds will continue to be a true valued partner in our company’s strategic growth.

Randy Parmerlee, CEO

Jenny was great to work with. She lead us through the process to a very successful outcome. I would highly recommend Jenny and FairWinds Advisors.

Bill Bussick, President

The FairWinds team really listened to us, put an action plan in place and exceeded our expectations with their knowledge and overall turnaround time. I highly recommend a discussion with FairWinds if you are adding jobs, making a capital investment or adding square footage!

Lisa Young, COO

Jenny at Fairwinds was incredible to work with. The process was easy, and she was always mindful of all the other obligations that tug at a business owner’s time.

Brian Powers, Founder & President

FairWinds Advisors were great to work with. They explained an otherwise unknown process and opportunities that was easily understandable. Their great relationships with the city and state were very obviously a key component to a successful project.

Tony Unfried, Founder & CEO

Working with FairWinds Advisors has been a terrific experience. I can’t say enough good things about Jenny Massey and the great results she helped achieve on our behalf. From our end she made the whole State Tax Credit Process efficient, speedy and productive. She is also very personable and professional to work with. Way to go FairWinds Advisors and Jenny! Thank you!

Colleen McLaughlin, Manager

When I think about FairWinds Advisors, I think of two things; valued team-member and clear advice. It’s been an adventure, yet I always feel that we’re being guided in the right direction.

Abhi VK, CEO

DemandJump has been able to focus on our core business while FairWinds keeps us up to date and compliant with the negotiated incentives due to FairWinds’ years of experience and nationwide expertise. With their helpful and friendly demeanor, our experience with FairWinds Advisors confirms to us that we’ve partnered with true leaders in site selection and incentives industry.

Christopher Day, Co-Founder & CEO

FairWinds Advisors took the time to understand our business from the start. With their experience, they made insightful suggestions for the best approach to expanding our facilities. It is easy: they help with forms, deadlines and communication. Working with FairWinds has been a success for PlaqueMaker.

Kyle Sherman, Owner