Carmel, IN:  An important idea in Chinese culture, Guanxi is based on trust and is similar to doing business on a handshake in Western terms. Chen would like to take that handshake a bit further by teaching Asians and Americans about each other, their diverse cultures and how to work together to build trust, share knowledge and create opportunities on U.S. soil and abroad.

“My vision is to bring more Chinese companies to Indiana, promote economic development and help companies understand how to do business with the Chinese,” said Albert Chen, founder of ACSI and owner of Telamon Inc., a nearly $500 million Carmel-based telecommunications provider with more than 500 employees at 9 locations.

ACSI is an independent, not-for-profit organization that acts as an advocate and catalyst, promoting cooperation between Chinese and Indiana companies for business, trade and investment opportunities. The society was founded in 2010 and launched in January 2011 by Chen and a group of individuals committed to strengthening Chinese /American ties.

“ACSI is the primary source of connectivity between Indiana and China for conducting effective business relationships,” said Jenny Massey, Vice President of ACSI and director of operations at FairWinds Advisors. “Economic development is the basis of job creation, which benefits the community.”