Indianapolis – Bingham EDA is proud to have supported our clients over the past year resulting in the following: New Jobs:  1,969,  Retained Jobs:  2,466,  Capital Investment:  $ 211,725,000,  and Total Incentives Awarded: $ 21,418,857.

Bingham EDA also provided services to a number of organizations striving to improve their community’s economic development opportunities.  Projects involved diverse areas of interest including international trade, industry asset mapping and marketing analysis,  labor studies,  real estate feasibility and economic development organization program development.

hank you for your support!  We look forward to future collaborations and opportunities to help your organization achieve success.   Additional thanks to our partners at Bingham McHale for their support and guidance over the past year.   The resources provided by the firm have been invaluable to Bingham EDA and our clients. Please visit Bingham McHale’s recently revised web site