Our commitment doesn’t stop after the incentives are finalized.

FairWinds Advisors is here to help you, especially in the event of an audit.

Should the need arise, our team is ready to assist you through the entire audit process. From prep work and assistance with gathering the required city and state requested documents, we’ll provide the advice and expertise you need to ensure you are completely prepared. We’ll sit alongside you through the audit to make sure that there are no misunderstandings and that any follow-up requests are carried through.

To date, none of our audit-supported clients have been required to repay received incentives; however, if that day comes and repayment becomes required, we’ll strive to find the best strategy and options available.

Most of all, we provide our audit support at no additional cost to our clients. We care about you and your business and know that when you do well, we will also benefit and do well.


We’re your dedicated crew.

Schedule your free consultation and let’s begin our journey together today.

“Fairwinds was extremely helpful throughout our entire audit process. They knew exactly what support to provide in order to satisfy the audit requests and we were able to pass with flying colors!”
Aimee Moore

Controller, Cliq Studios