Indianapolis:  The America China Society and Bingham Greenebaum Doll are pleased to offer the China Business Proficiency Series that will educate and prepare business and community leaders to better understand and connect with Chinese companies.

Part 5 of the China Business Proficiency series will feature speakers Jon Anderson and Robin Xu of Kyosay Global. Jon has been in living in China for the past 10 years and Robin is a Chinese native. Kyosay global specializes in operational improvements and increased supply chain management. They will present on what to expect and how to prepare for a first time traveler to China. They will cover a wide variety of important subjects including attire, food oddities, manners, packing, and money matters. This will be an excellent presentation for anyone visiting China and offer an opportunity to get answers to questions.

This six- part series will feature an optional Fall Delegation trip to China; however, its lessons will be helpful to all initiating or currently doing business in China or with Chinese companies.

China is emerging as one of the major global economies. It is infamously known as a country of etiquette and ceremonies. The unique character of the Chinese is built on a strong sense of pride in their ancient history and culture. Understanding the basic Chinese cultural, ethical and business values is vital to any organization wanting to conduct business in today’s rapidly progressing China. Organizations venturing into business with China will need to consider the aspects of Chinese business culture and etiquette in order to fully succeed.